Hi-Tech Plumbing is an operation like no other.  It is owned and operated by Jathynia Garcia, aka, the “Plumber In A Skirt”.  Jathynia brings a woman’s perspective to a “man’s” field.

“We refer to ourselves as a boutique in the plumbing industry because we cater to our clients’ every need, but do so with a woman’s perspective in mind,”  states Garcia.  “That’s why our service technicians always lay out a red carpet and shoe coverings before entering your home or business.  We provide them with floor mats to protect the working area and we are diligent about cleanup upon completion of your project.”

Mrs. Garcia goes on to state, “A follow up call is performed after every service call to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the work performed.  It’s truly about a sincere respect for  our customers and their homes while also providing top-notch service.  We’ve learned that we are only as good as YOUR most recent experience with us, so we are a customer service driven company.”

In addition to a sincere focus on excellent customer service, Hi-Tech Plumbing also works hard to build long lasting relationships with their customers.

“We like to spoil our clients,” says Garcia.

From water filtration, to septic tanks, to leaks & squeak, Hi-Tech Plumbing is known for handling it all and always adding a feminine touch.

So Remember whether it’s your Home, Business or Boat, don’t fret…Call Hi-Tech !

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From a Recent Q & A Session

How do you feel being a women in this type of field?

“At first, I wasn’t sure how long I would be working with my husband, but it’s truly been a blessing for us all.  I believe I give a woman’s perspective that’s stereotyped as butt cracks and hairy old men!”

Are you treated differently being a woman in this field?

“Only by those who have no idea what I am capable of; most times that works to my advantage.  This business is interesting and every day is different in the plumbing world, but I have never viewed myself as being a woman in a man’s profession, but rather a partner in a business which needs capable & talented professionals.”

What makes your company different from other companies?  What makes Hi-Tech Plumbing the best?

“We are a one stop shop.  We handle and are certified for gas piping, backflows, greasetraps and septic plumbing and we are the only ones in Palm Beach County that handle all plumbing aspects under one roof and give you a guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied.”

Family Always Comes First!